Baron 55,58,58P One Day Recurrent Training

The Baron Recurrent Course is scheduled for one day and consists of the following minimum programmed hours:

Classroom training...........4.0

Baron simulator training............To proficiency

Many insurance companies require recurrent simulator training and several of them offer discounted premiums to pilots that complete a yearly training program.


Often overlooked, this is an important element of your recurrent experience. I use a PowerPoint presentation to review the following systems:

• Aircraft Fuel System
• Engines/Propellers
• Environmental Systems/Pressurization System (P58)
• Electrical Systems
• Landing Gear
• Anti-ice/Deice
• Flight Controls

As an A&P mechanic, I can explain the airplane's systems in more detail than other instructors.


• In flight shutdown and restart
• Engine failure on takeoff/climb/enroute
• Visual approach with one engine inoperative
• Emergency descent
• ILS with one engine inoperative
• Non precision approach with one engine inoperative
• No flap approach and landing
• Missed approach with one engine inoperative
• Engine fire
• Severe ice accumulation

Of course, non emergency system failures are also reviewed in the simulator:

• Electrical failures
• Gear failure
• Autopilot failure
• Smoke control
• Pressurization failure (P58)

The simulator is also used for normal procedures including:

• Holding
• ILS/VOR/LOC/GPS approaches (Garmin 430)
• Stalls
• Steep Turns
• Rejected landings/Go-arounds

In order to complete your training, we will review the following items:

• Flight Director
• Autopilot usage
• Nexrad (if equipped)
• Radar (if equipped)
• Navigation/Avionics systems
• Normal instrument approaches
• Unusual attitudes
• Take-offs and landings

FEE: $2195

Call (843) 521-9412 to schedule your training. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required for simulator training. The deposit can be applied to any program if you have to cancel but reschedule within 60 days.